I’m Late and I Don’t Know What to Write About.

I have this blog. It’s great. I love writing on it but I’m not always good about writing consistently. I’m guessing anyone who has a blog understands the struggle. When I’m inspired, I can write several posts at once. When a little less inspired, I can create drafts that at least have topics to inspire me at a later time.

Today I got bubkis. No drafts left, no topics I want to talk about and not an ounce of inspiration. So what do you write about when you don’t have anything to write about?  Continue reading

Body Image: It’s A Work In Progress

Photo credit Charlotte Astrid

Photo credit Charlotte Astrid

I struggle with body image issues. I’m not alone in this. It’s estimated that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. I think it’s also pretty well known that it’s a problem. We can acknowledge publicly that the media offers a skewed and problematic portrayal of what a would should look like but we still buy into the expectation.  Continue reading

Happy National Reading Month

Photo credit: Flicker Creative Commons user Tim Geers

Photo credit: Flicker Creative Commons user Tim Geers

March is National Reading Month. How do I know this? Amazon told me. They are also running a promo where you can get a kindle $20 off. This is brilliant marketing because I almost bought one (but my household already has 3).

The point here is less that you should get a kindle and more that it’s National Reading Month to promote and encourage reading. Also, I hate to shamelessly plug for Amazon but they have a lot of deals for the month. Continue reading

It’s Friday and I’m Feeling Alright

It is finally Friday and I am really excited about it. I’m not going to beat about the bush, this week was rough. I have gone to bed late and worried each night and woken up tired and stressed each morning. Mostly, I did this to myself since only I get to pick how I feel about my week but this week, I was less than stellar at managing my reactions to my life.

The good news, is that this week is just about over and I can decide at any time to feel different. I’m deciding today to feel better. To relax. To practice gratitude.  Continue reading

4 Leadership Lessons Learned by Living with a Life Partner

LeadershipTry saying that 4 times really fast! But I digress…

In my head, I’m the boss at home- this may very likely only be true in my head. Nevertheless, I have the furniture set just how I like it. I have the cleaning list and schedule according to my preferences and I also dictate the grocery list. I am queen in my castle.

Unfortunately, I am not the only resident of my castle. I live with the most wonderful partner ever, the Colbster. He is kind and thoughtful and caring. He has an fantastic sense of humor and makes a phenomenal steak. He is also a bit of a slob with wildly different tastes in music and TV. He has different priorities. This makes me better most of the time but it also leads to struggles. Our life together is 95% joy mixed with 5% of us arguing over Top Gear versus Game of Thrones. Continue reading

I don’t wanna and you can’t make me. Also known as Monday.


Hood Canal, Washington. Smack me if you ever hear me being ungrateful for this view.

My alarm went off yesterday and I thought, I really don’t want to get out of bed. It’s warm and cozy. The window was cracked and I could hear it raining, which is a lovely sound to fall back asleep to. I was just about to when my second alarm went off.

Just for the record, I am terrible with time. I have 4 alarms set for weekdays. I have to have a watch on or I can barely function. I have clocks all over the house. All of my clocks are at least 5 minutes fast. It drives the Colbster nuts because he never knows what time it really is.  Continue reading