Who is that girl in the mirror? Oh right, me. Awesome!

Feet with heart on it

I am a frequent gym attendee. I don’t exactly know how that happened as I hate working out but by some small miracle, I found my sweet spot. Most days, this means I spend my time focused on just getting through the workout (because I still hate it). Yesterday though, I spent too much time looking at the girl in the mirror and breaking her down. It’s not a good feeling. Continue reading

4 Tricks to Celebrate Your Life More Often

Photo credit: Flickr user Angélica Portales

Photo credit: Flickr user Angélica Portales

The Colbster celebrated his 29th rotation around the sun last week. (I know. I know. Not even 30. He’s so young!) I love celebrating other peoples birthdays. I like buying gifts, I like eating birthday dinners and I love sticking candles into desserts and singing loudly to embarrass the birthday celebrant. Ultimately, I think birthdays are a chance to be grateful for those you love.

I’m really excited about his birthday this year and it got me thinking about being excited about life. Specifically, our life. We don’t have a perfect life and bad things happen from time to time. At the end of the day though, he’s a really amazing partner in crime and I adore him.

But then I got to thinking… Why do we only celebrate our lives once a year? Why do we wait for our birthdays to enjoy our life? Continue reading

The Shorts Dilemma

walking buddies

Bella and the short shorts.

I wore short shorts on Sunday! Outside, no less.

Fun fact: I’m not a big fan of shorts. Unfun fact: It’s because I’m not a big fan of my legs. But I’m working on it. One of my goals for this year is to confidently wear shorts. It seems so silly when you see it in print but this year I’m working on my body image and I struggle to love my legs.

The past few summers, I have spent the warm days in Washington, wearing capris or pants. Unless it’s really, REALLY hot or I’m in private, I don’t show my legs. I don’t wear skirts, shorter dresses or shorts hardly ever. It’s ridiculous. I get hot and sticky and still hide my legs.

But they’re just legs. I could go on about the reasons I don’t love them but really, each reason is really dumb. So instead, I’m going to tell you why I love them and why I practiced wearing shorts in the rain. Continue reading

I’m Late and I Don’t Know What to Write About.

I have this blog. It’s great. I love writing on it but I’m not always good about writing consistently. I’m guessing anyone who has a blog understands the struggle. When I’m inspired, I can write several posts at once. When a little less inspired, I can create drafts that at least have topics to inspire me at a later time.

Today I got bubkis. No drafts left, no topics I want to talk about and not an ounce of inspiration. So what do you write about when you don’t have anything to write about?  Continue reading

4 Leadership Lessons Learned by Living with a Life Partner

LeadershipTry saying that 4 times really fast! But I digress…

In my head, I’m the boss at home- this may very likely only be true in my head. Nevertheless, I have the furniture set just how I like it. I have the cleaning list and schedule according to my preferences and I also dictate the grocery list. I am queen in my castle.

Unfortunately, I am not the only resident of my castle. I live with the most wonderful partner ever, the Colbster. He is kind and thoughtful and caring. He has an fantastic sense of humor and makes a phenomenal steak. He is also a bit of a slob with wildly different tastes in music and TV. He has different priorities. This makes me better most of the time but it also leads to struggles. Our life together is 95% joy mixed with 5% of us arguing over Top Gear versus Game of Thrones. Continue reading

I don’t wanna and you can’t make me. Also known as Monday.


Hood Canal, Washington. Smack me if you ever hear me being ungrateful for this view.

My alarm went off yesterday and I thought, I really don’t want to get out of bed. It’s warm and cozy. The window was cracked and I could hear it raining, which is a lovely sound to fall back asleep to. I was just about to when my second alarm went off.

Just for the record, I am terrible with time. I have 4 alarms set for weekdays. I have to have a watch on or I can barely function. I have clocks all over the house. All of my clocks are at least 5 minutes fast. It drives the Colbster nuts because he never knows what time it really is.  Continue reading