Life Lessons Learned from Travel Anxiety

Airplane travel sign

I have a serious love/hate relationship with traveling. On one hand, I love going to new places, getting out of my routine. I also love flying. On the other hand, I get extreme anxiety from going through security lines, managing boarding passes and managing the to and from details of an airport.

And it’s not just flying, although that’s probably the worst of it. I love road trips but hate sitting in the car for hours at a time. I think travel is amazing and yet packing sends me into a panicked frenzy that affects anyone who gets near me.   Continue reading

Body Image Work Doesn’t Go On Vacation

Vacation, just out the window.

Vacation, just out the window.

I am on a much need mini-vacation. I’m in sunny California for a long weekend with a good friend, The Lindz. By all accounts, this should be a weekend of unwinding, drinking wine and enjoying life. I packed all my favorite clothes. I’ve gathered all my new books to read. I’ve started a list of all the places I want to eat….

…. And then all the fun comes to a screeching halt. Enter all of my insecure body thoughts. This weekend I’ll be surrounded by new people. I’ll be drinking more than normal. I’ll be eating differently. I won’t be able to control my world as tightly. Suddenly, all the joy and exhilaration I had from taking a vacation is gone, replaced with insecurities.  Continue reading

Daily Dealings With A Stressaholic

Photo by Flickr user Bernard Goldbach

Photo by Flickr user Bernard Goldbach

This morning has gone horribly wrong. I woke up late. I shattered a mug. I spilled my coffee on my shirt. I left the house late. And then, on the commute in, I saw someone had hit a raccoon.

It was still in the street writhing in pain. Nothing breaks my heart like seeing an animal suffer. I was late though so I couldn’t stop to do anything or else I risked missing my ferry. I have an early meeting so I really can’t miss the boat.

My normal Wednesday has shifted into a stressful morning of unrest. Continue reading

GratiTuesday: Sunshine in the PNW

beach life

Work/beach balance.


I have seriously fallen off the posting wagon for my blog. I have the best of intentions of course and I actually have about 6 posts in drafts right now, just awaiting on a little love and a little focus.

Unfortunately for this blog though, summer in the Pacific Northwest is on its way in. That means warm weather, sunshine and popcorn brain for me. I’m doing my darndest to just keep focused on work, let alone my labor of love,

But as today is Tuesday and I have the most beautiful view, I thought I’d make a point to practice gratitude today.  Continue reading

4 Tricks to Celebrate Your Life More Often

Photo credit: Flickr user Angélica Portales

Photo credit: Flickr user Angélica Portales

The Colbster celebrated his 29th rotation around the sun last week. (I know. I know. Not even 30. He’s so young!) I love celebrating other peoples birthdays. I like buying gifts, I like eating birthday dinners and I love sticking candles into desserts and singing loudly to embarrass the birthday celebrant. Ultimately, I think birthdays are a chance to be grateful for those you love.

I’m really excited about his birthday this year and it got me thinking about being excited about life. Specifically, our life. We don’t have a perfect life and bad things happen from time to time. At the end of the day though, he’s a really amazing partner in crime and I adore him.

But then I got to thinking… Why do we only celebrate our lives once a year? Why do we wait for our birthdays to enjoy our life? Continue reading

I Am Enough

Yes please!

Yes please!

I have a hard time with being good enough. I am a busy person by nature. I find things to keep me moving. It seems like the house is never clean enough. There is always a meal that needs to be prepared. There’s a blog post that needs to be written. A client that needs to be called, laundry to be done, emails to respond to, life is busy, busy, busy.

I was listening to a podcast the other day with Brené Brown and it made me stop in my tracks, mouth open, staring dumbstruck at my phone. What. Did. She. Just. Say! (The podcast by the way is OnBeing & it’s episode 11 in casey you’d like to listen.) I have bastardized the line I’m sure but she said something like this: Continue reading